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Hoodia Balance - Hoodia Weight Loss


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Hoodia Balance
Hoodia Weight Loss

Product Highlights

  • 750MG of Authentic Hoodia Gordonii
  • (C.I.T.E.S.) Certificated
  • Vegetable Capsules
  • Hoodia is 100% Natural

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Product Details

Are you looking to lose weight but just can't seem to stop eating? Are you trying as hard as you can to stick to your diet, but just can't seem to help yourself? If incessant hunger is keeping you from the body of your dreams then an appetite suppressant may be the answer. And the best all-natural appetite suppressant on the market is Hoodia Balance.

Hoodia as a small, succulent plant that grows only in the remote region of the South African Kalahari Desert. There, the indigenous San Bushmen have eaten the plan for centuries, to stave off hunger during their long and arduous hunting trips. This small plant looks like a dill pickle with spines on it. It grows slowly in its harsh environment, and takes four or five years, or more, before it is ready to harvest.

Hoodia Balance is fortified with the purest South African Hoodia chosen specifically for its ability to suppress your hunger and help you lose weight. All this in an all-natural supplement, fortified with many other ingredients chosen to help you shed the pounds along with many other benefits.

Hoodia Balance Ingredients

Hoodia Gordonii
This is a small, succulent plant that grows wild only in the semi-arid Kalahari Desert of South Africa. The San peoples, or Bushmen, who've lived in that area for centuries, have traditionally eaten the plant to prevent hunger and thirst on long hunting trips. For generations, only the San people knew of Hoodia's marvelous properties.

There are no known side effects. In fact, Tom Mangold, a BBC News correspondent, reported after eating Hoodia from the Kalahari Desert in May of 2003, "...The plant is said to have a feel-good, almost aphrodisiac quality, and I have to say we felt good, but more significantly, we did not even think about food."

Hoodia Gordonii is one more of nature's many gifts to people in need.


According to the Office of Dietary Supplements, "Magnesium is the fourth most abundant mineral in the body and is essential to good health" It is found in nature in green vegetables, legumes, nuts and seeds. Also, whole, unrefined grains are a good source. Water is also a good source, if it's "hard" water. "Soft" water does not contain as many minerals.

Magnesium is necessary for more than 300 biochemical reactions in the body, such as normal muscle and nerve function, steady heart rhythm, a healthy immune system, and strong bones.

Magnesium deficiency may occur in people who are taking antibiotics, diuretics, and certain medications for cancer. Diabetics are also at risk, especially those who don't control their condition carefully. Alcoholics and older adults (who are likely to be taking drugs) should be especially aware of their need for magnesium.

Garcinia Cambogia Extract

This is an extract from the fruit and rind of a tree that grows in the evergreen forests of India and Thailand. It has been used in Ayurvedic practices for many years. The fruit contains 30% acid, similar to citrus fruits. In Southeast Asia, it is considered a helpful dietary supplement during weight management and increased energy.

Green Tea Extract

Green tea has been consumed in Asia for thousands of years. As a popular beverage, it has many benefits for the body. It is widely known as an antioxidant, and helps relieve the body of toxins. It does not raise the heart rate, and is, in fact quite soothing.

Green tea increases energy levels naturally. Some people thought the increase in energy was due to caffeine, but research has shown this isn't the case. As a whole food, rather than a manufactured drug, the body can "reorganize" the benefits of Green Tea, and quickly feels more energetic.

Hoodia Balance Success Stories

"After taking Hoodia Balance for a few weeks now my friends keep on complementing me on my apperance. Thanks for creating this great product that has changed my life."

Stephanie, USA

"I just wanted to say thank you for your great customer service. I made a mistake and on my shipping address and your customer service department resent my shipment the very next day. Thanks Hoodia Balance! I can't wait to get started."

Gucci, California

"Thank you Hoodia Balance. Your product is fantastic and I'm so happy now."

Mike, USA

"It was so nice not having to poor a hoodia product in a drink and just being able to swallow a pill in a few seconds. You made my life so much easier."

Barbara, UK

"Your product, weight loss program and diet tips have changed my life. I feel so much more confident now. Thank you so much Hoodia Balance. You guys are great."

Laurie, USA

"I started taking your Hoodia Balance product before most meals and now I feel great. I also wanted to commend you on your shipping. I ordered your product one day and it seemed like I had it on my door step in 72 hours."

Maria, USA

1 Bottle - Hoodia Balance

Usually ships within 24 hours

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